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Intellectual property law is a vast minefield of conflict that inhabits a variety of industries. You'll find investors, start-ups, academic institutions, multinational corporations and others from all ends of the global economy pursuing intellectual property issues in any industry, including transportation, food and beverages, fashion, sports and recreation, colleges and universities, chemical, electronics, medical, energy, agriculture, entertainment and media, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

In dealing with patent, design, and trademark protection, the right representation can make all the difference in defending your intellectual property. Finding the right solution based on your specific problem is an important thing to look for in your representation. That means combining multidisciplinary expertise from legal insight, technical expertise, and business acumen in order to create the right strategy for your specific problem.

If possible, finding representation that has experience within the world of intellectual property such as serving as researchers, engineers, and IP professionals at major corporations can provide valuable insight into all the angles of intellectual property prosecution. Time spent at official patent offices can bring further perspective, making it easier to meld the goals and aspirations of corporations, patentees, and the patent offices themselves.

It is similarly important to find representation that offers round-the-clock service. Given how quickly new developments crop up, it's important that assistance is ready whenever you need it. Similarly, if you are pursuing intellectual property litigation on a global scale, offices in multiple locales can be invaluable. SUGIMURA International Patent & Trade Attorneys is an example of one office that operates out of Japan and caters to Japanese intellectual property, but because they also function globally, retains an office in Palo Alto in order to be local for clients.

It is also reassuring to discover representation that is focused not only on protecting client assets, but also on being involved in the intellectual property community itself. Attorneys such as those at SUGIMURA give presentations on intellectual property at in-house client presentations, patent seminars, and law school classes while also publishing articles on the subject in respected publications around the world.

The world of intellectual property can be convoluted despite its necessity, which is why finding the right representation is key. If you pay attention to the capabilities of the firm, you can find the people with the knowledge, skills, and expertise that will ensure your protection.

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